Dependable RV Services has been servicing, repairing, and renovating RVs for 14 years. Customers come from states away to make sure their rig is a Dependable RV!

We offer many services, and most are listed below. If you aren’t sure what your RV needs, you can always contact us.

RV Roof Repair

Dependable RV Roof is a proud applicator of FlexArmor, the last roof your RV will ever need! The FlexArmor roof system offers a lifetime, transferable warranty.

FlexArmor is a revolutionary sprayed RV roof alternative for RV owners. The main principle behind FlexArmor is if you remove the caulking joints found on an RV roof, you remove the potential for leaks. FlexArmor is a completely seamless RV roof and is also a tougher material than other RV roofs. This means incidents with trees at your favorite campground won’t lead to a costly repair.

RV Inspection

We provide full RV inspections for pre or post purchase.  Let us go over your RV to see if there are any issues you need to know about.

Audio/Video Installations

Our highly experienced staff can install satellite TV systems, entertainment systems, satellite antennas, satellite radio, speakers, GPS, and cameras in your RV.

Roof AC Service/Repair

Our trained technicians can keep your roof air conditioner running smoothly, or fix one that is no longer keeping your RV cool.

Basement AC Service/Repair

Our trained technicians can keep your basement air conditioner running smoothly, or fix one that is no longer keeping your RV cool.

Appliance Service/Repair

Is your refrigerator not keeping food cold?  Is your stove not getting hot?  Our technicians can diagnose your troubles and come up with the best course of action to get your appliances working for you.

Engine Maintenance

Our trained technicians can maintain your RV engine so you can avoid problems down the road.  We can change your oil and other fluids as well as check hoses, belts, and more.

Generator Maintenance

Our technicians can maintain your RV generator so it doesn’t fail when you really need it.

Plumbing Repair

Plumbing issues on an RV can be a giant inconvenience.  Let our trained technicians diagnose and troubleshoot your plumbing issue.

Baseplate Installation

Our trained technicians can install your RV Baseplate Hitch so you can attach a tow-behind vehicle on your RV.

Satellite Repair

Is your satellite acting up?  Our technicians can troubleshoot your connection and get your service up and running for you!

Body Work

Did you accidentally back into that tree when you were parking at your campsite?  We can help!  Our highly trained technicians can repair the damage and have your RV back to perfect in no time!