FlexArmor is a one-of-a-kind sprayed RV roof alternative for RV owners that removes caulking joints, effectively removing the potential for leaks.

This seamless RV roof is also a tougher material than other RV roofs, even factory roofs.  Why do you need a tougher roof?  So incidents with trees at your favorite campground won’t lead to a costly repair.

Why should you have a FlexArmor roof applied?  We can think of a few reasons…

  • • A FlexArmor roof is 3/16″ thick
  • • There is no caulk.  Not now, not ever.  You will never need it again.
  • • It’s puncture resistant
  • • It’s easy to clean
  • • FlexArmor provides insulation
  • • It increases roof strength
  • • It’s 100% repairable
  • • It’s hail proof
  • • FlexArmor stays flexible in extreme cold
  • • The roof comes with a transferable, written, no-leak warranty
  • • All FlexArmor roofs are applied indoors to protect your RV
  • • We wrap your RV in plastic to protect from overspray and dust
  • • We protect inside surfaces from work dust and overspray
  • • We perform any wood repairs needed prior to applying FlexArmor
  • • We install and remove standard RV roof components
  • • The FlexArmor warranty network allows for repairs to be made at other locations if needed

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